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Synstar White Series

Synstar Series Pigment is made of synthetic mica coated with metallic oxide layer, such as Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide. Compared to natural mica, the synthetic one has many advantages such as higher purity and less black spot, better weather proof, better luster, chroma and more stable when exposed to high temperature.
KT-7101 Fine Satin White Pearl Mica Powder Wholesale
KT-7102 Synthetic Satin White Mica Powder Factory
KT-7106 Synthetic Pearl Mica Powder Manufacturer
KT-7108 Ultra Sparkle White Pearl Pigment Factory
KT-7109 Intense Sparkle White China Pearl Mica Powder
KT-7121 Fine Satin Silver Synthetic Mica Powder China
KT-7125 Synthetic Pearl Mica Powder Manufacturer
KT-7126 Flash Silver Synthetic Mica Color Factory
KT-7127 Glitter Silver China Synthetic Mica Powder
KT-7128 Glitter Silver Synthetic Pearl Pigments Factory

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