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Welcome to Pigment Powders! is part of Kolortek, a specialty pigment supplier, and our mission is to provide the highest quality pigments and products to the global marketplace. We focus on providing technologically advanced products that offer maximum value to our customers and the consumer market. Almost every pigment on the market is available here, and Kolortek's laboratories ensure high quality and excellent batch consistency, with new colors added regularly. And we offer value-added services such as special packaging, private labeling, technical data support, and formulation guidance support.

Hot Products

The leading products in Kolortek are effect pigments and cosmetic fillers. The product range includes: Pearls, Duochrome Pigments, Holographic Pigments, Chromashift Pigments, Aurora Powders, D&C Lakes and Oxides, Treated Pigments & Fillers, etc.

Hot Applications

Kolortek offers different grades of pigments for a wide variety of applications. Examples include eye shadows, lip glosses, foundations, nails for cosmetic applications; handmade soaps, bath balls, resin art, wax melts, inks, plastics, textiles, coatings, epoxy floors, etc. Some of the popular applications are listed below for your reference.

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