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Natural Mica Powder

Natural mica-based pigments are Kolortek's standard pigment series, from the KT-100 Silver White Series to the KT-6000 Multicolor Series, the classic pearlescent effect from nature. Depending on the particle size, the effects can range from a silky shimmer to a high sparkle. kolortek natural mica has good hiding power and presents natural pearl effect. The color range of the product includes Silver White, Interferences, Gold, Metallic, Multicolor and fine, medium and coarse particle size to choose from. Kolortek natural mica pigments are an excellent choice for giving your products a high-quality appearance.

Silvery White Series

KT-100 Silver Pearl Mica Pigments Wholesale
KT-101 Irradiant White Mica Color Wholesale
KT-103 Rutile Silver Pearl Mica Powder Factory
KT-104 China Mica Based Pearlescent Pigment Silk Silver
KT-105 Bright Pearl Pearlescent Mica Wholesale
KT-110 Wholesale Fine Satin White Mica Powder
KT-111 High Purity Fine Silver White Mica Powder Supplier
KT-119 Silver Satin Pearl Pigment Powder Manufacturer
KT-121 Fine Rutile Luster Satin White Pearl Pigment
KT-151 Natural Flash White Pearlescent Pigment Wholesale

Iridescent Series

KT-221 Iridescent Mica Pigments Satin Blue
KT-231 Satin Green Iridescent Mica Powder Factory
KT-205 Iridescent Mica Gold Pearl Pigment Supplier
KT-219 Violet Pearl Iridescent Mica Color Manufacturer
KT-249 Natural Iridescent Mica Powder Factory
KT-259 China Iridescent Pearl Pigment Powder

Gold Luster Series

KT-306 Natural Olympic Gold Pearl Pigment Powder
KT-307 Abstruse Gold Natural Mica Powder Factory
KT-309 Natural Gold Satin Mica Pigment Supplier
KT-323 China Natural Satin Royal Gold Mica Powder
KT-353 Natural Flash Red Gold Pearlescent Pigment

Metal Luster Series

KT-520 Satin Bronze Metallic Pearl Pigment Wholesale
KT-522 Satin Red Brown Pearl Pigment Factory
KT-524 Satin Wine Red Special Pearl Effect Pigment
KT-526 Satin Coffee Mica Pearl Pigment Factory
KT-500 Bronze Metallic Pigment Wholesale
KT-502 Red Brown Copper Pearl Pigment Supplier
KT-504 Wine Red Metallic Pearl Pigment Manufacturer
KT-508 Red Pearl Mica Powder Pigment Wholesale

Multicolor Series

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