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Silvery White Series

Pearlescent of White grades with various colours, such as silver white, flash pearl silver white, shimmer pearl silver white, rutile Sterling Silver, lustre Satin Fine Satin Silver White. As the most commonly used pearlescent series, KT100 is composed of mica flakes coated with rutile titanium dioxide, appears various glossy and sparkling silver colour. When mixed with transparent pigment or dyestuff, it appears not only the pigment colours but also the lustre. When blending with carbon black. it will present stronger lustre effect and appear silver-grey metallic effect. It also can be used with aluminium paste to obtain white and bright silver effect.

KT-100 Silver Pearl Mica Pigments Wholesale
KT-101 Irradiant White Mica Color Wholesale
KT-103 Rutile Silver Pearl Mica Powder Factory
KT-104 China Mica Based Pearlescent Pigment Silk Silver
KT-105 Bright Pearl Pearlescent Mica Wholesale
KT-110 Wholesale Fine Satin White Mica Powder
KT-111 High Purity Fine Silver White Mica Powder Supplier
KT-119 Silver Satin Pearl Pigment Powder Manufacturer
KT-121 Fine Rutile Luster Satin White Pearl Pigment
KT-151 Natural Flash White Pearlescent Pigment Wholesale
KT-152 Flash Silver Mica Powder Factory
KT-153 Glitter White Pearl Pigment Powder Wholesale
KT-154 Glitter Pearl Mica Powder Suppliers
KT-163 Shimmer Pearl China Mica Pigment
KT-173 China Natural Mica Powder Silk Pearl
KT-183 High Sparkle Pearl Mica Pigment Manufacturer

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