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Rainbow ChromaFlakes

Rainbow ChromaFlakes

Experience a new dimension of color with Rainbow ChromaFlakes. These translucent, hue-shifting flakes add a transformative touch to your product. Their true charm is the versatile effect they create on varied base colors, providing a dynamic medley of tones that alter with each shift in perspective. For those passionate about nail polish, Rainbow ChromaFlakes is where understated elegance encounters outstanding brilliance.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KT-C920205Orang-Red-Yellow-GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C920206Orang-Red-GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C920207Purple-GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C920208Yellow-Green-purple-RedFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C920209Green-RedFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C920210Gold-GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C920211Blue Gold-GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92543Green Blue-violetFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92432Blue Purple-redFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92315Purple Yellow-greenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92025Solferino GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92321Purple-red GoldenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92615Orange GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92532Green Purple-redFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92625Orange-red GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92043Dark-blue PurpleFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92140Golden Silver-blueFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92245Silver-red Blue-greenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S92085Bronze-GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
F92153AYellow Green-Purple RedFlakesirregular large flakes
F92451APurple Red-Yellow GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
F92432ABlue-Purple RedFlakesirregular large flakes
F92015AGreen-Blue VioletFlakesirregular large flakes
F92043AGlod Green-BlueFlakesirregular large flakes
F92052AGreen-Peach RedFlakesirregular large flakes

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