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Glow In The Dark Pigments

Glow In The Dark Pigments

Unlike conventional pigments, Glow In The Dark pigments possess a unique interaction with light. They absorb illumination - from sunshine to indoor lighting - and gradually emit a captivating glow. These pigments form the cornerstone of a myriad of Glow In The Dark products. They inspire creativity in crafting and enhance aesthetics in cosmetics, yet also serve practical functions by improving safety in workplaces and homes, and even fueling innovations in fishing widgets and countless other constructive applications.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
GSB01-SCSkye BluePowder35-45 μm
GTG01-SCTender GreenPowder5-25 μm
GBG02-SCBlue GreenPowder65-75 μm
GBG02-2-SCBlue GreenPowder15-25 μm
GYG03-SCYellow GreenPowder12-25 μm
GYG03-2-SCYellow GreenPowder5-10 μm
KT-GYG-10Yellow-GreenPowder20-38 μm
KT-GYG-05Yellow GreenPowder30-50 μm
KT-GPO-07Pink OrangePowder30-50 μm
KT-GVP-03VioletPowder30-50 μm
KT-GOY-01Orange YellowPowder30-50 μm
KT-GOR-03Orange RedPowder30-50 μm
KT-GFG-05GreenPowder30-50 μm
KT-GBR-02RedPowder30-50 μm
KT-GBB-04BluePowder30-50 μm

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