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CHROMAFLAKES, developed from diverse, unique chip substrates and layered with multi-metal oxides, deliver a dynamic and meaningful visual impact. This product's fascinating characteristic is that it displays varying colors from differing angles. Even from a singular perspective, one can discern the color variations immediately. Its dynamic and vibrant effects make it a popular choice for nail polishes, nail gel polishes, UV gel polishes, paints, and coatings, delivering a splendidly vivid and magical finish.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KT-F9521Red YellowFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9525Red Golden greenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9542Blue RedFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9541Blue YellowFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9535Purple GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9531Purple YellowFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9565Orange GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9515Yellow GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9514Yellow BlueFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9553Green PurpleFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9554Pink GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9552Green RedFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9556Green OrangeFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9546Blue OrangeFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9511Yellow Yellow-greenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-F9561Orange YellowFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S9325Mauve greenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S9315Purple Yellow-greenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S9615Orange greenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S9210Red goldFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S9140Gold silver-blueFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S9145Gold blue-greenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S9245Silver-red blue-greenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S9085Bronze greenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S9532Jade mauveFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-S9432Blue mauveFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C950501Green-PurpleFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C950503Green-RedFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C950506Orange-GoldFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C950508Purple-GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C950509Violet-Blue-GreenFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C950510Tender green-VioletFlakesirregular large flakes
KT-C950511Tender green-RedFlakesirregular large flakes

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