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Chromashift Pigments

Chromashift Pigments

Chromashift dynamic pigments offer transformative color versatility, displaying varying hues and a formidable color flow when viewed from distinct angles. Recognized as a cutting-edge addition to the pearl pigment family, Chromashift pigments hold the potential to significantly elevate product value while augmenting the aesthetic appeal.

Our Chromashift pigments demonstrate extensive industrial applicability, finding use in diverse sectors such as automotive, lacquer cosmetics, electrical appliances, plastics, printing, synthetic leather, and even high-security printing for banknotes and negotiable securities. Elevate your products to an exciting new level of visual profundity with Kolortek's remarkable Chromashift pigments. Experience the magic of color transformation.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KT-S1325Mauve greenPowder15-25μm
KT-S1315Purple Yellow-greenPowder15-25μm
KT-S1615Orange greenPowder15-25μm
KT-S1210Red goldPowder15-25μm
KT-S1140Gold silver-bluePowder15-25μm
KT-S1145Gold blue-greenPowder15-25μm
KT-S1085Bronze greenPowder15-25μm
KT-S1532Jade mauvePowder15-25μm
KT-S1054Jade BluePowder15-25μm
KT-S1432Blue mauvePowder15-25μm
KT-S1245Silver-red blue-greenPowder15-25μm

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