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Natural Silver White

Natural Silver White

Kolortek's Pearlescent Mica Powder Pigments in the Natural Silver White Series offer a stunning range of silver-white shades, including flash pearl, shimmer pearl, and rutile sterling silver. Made from mica flakes coated with rutile titanium dioxide, these pigments provide a glossy, sparkling finish.

Ideal for enhancing color and luster, they can be mixed with transparent pigments, carbon black for a silver-grey metallic effect, or aluminum paste for a bright silver finish. Perfect for various applications, ensuring a sophisticated and high-quality result.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KT-100Silver PearlPowder10-60μm
KT-101Irradiant WhitePowder10-70μm
KT-103Rutile SilverPowder10-60μm
KT-104Silk SilverPowder10-40μm
KT-105Bright PearlPowder10-50μm
KT-110Fine Satin WhitePowder<15μm
KT-111Fine Satin SilverPowder<15μm
KT-119Silver SatinPowder5-20μm
KT-151Flash WhitePowder10-100μm
KT-152Flash SilverPowder10-100μm
KT-153Glitter WhitePowder20-100μm
KT-154Glitter PearlPowder30-150μm
KT-163Shimmer PearlPowder40-200μm
KT-173Silk PearlPowder10-40μm
KT-183Sparkle PearlPowder50-500μm

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