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Thermochromic Pigment

Thermochromic Pigment

The Thermochromic Pigment, a spectacle of science and art, alters its hue with temperature fluctuations. As warmth ascends, it transitions between transparent to vibrant, unveiling the underlaying base coat or graphics, or unveiling its own distinctive color. Versatile in use, it graces everything from bespoke paint finishes to cosmetics. Rest assured, with KOLORTEK, you're receiving top-tier thermochromic pigmentations, available in an array of exquisite colors.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KTP-16-BRRed 16℃Powder1-10um
KTP-17-MGMalachite Green 17℃Powder1-10um
KTP-18-BYYellow 18℃Powder1-10um
KTP-18B-JBBlack 18℃Powder1-10um
KTP-22-GYGold Yellow 22℃Powder1-10um
KTP-30-SBSapphire Blue 30℃Powder1-10um
KTP-31-JBBlack 31℃Powder1-10um
KTP-31-VPPurple 31℃Powder1-10um
KTP-31-BRRed 31℃Powder1-10um
KTP-32-BYYellow 32℃Powder1-10um
KTP-32-MGGreen 32°CPowder1-10um
KTP-43-OROrange Red 45℃Powder1-10um
KTP-45-BRRed 45℃Powder1-10um
KTP-30-BRBlack-Red 31℃Powder3-10um
KTP-30-VBPuple-Blue 31℃Powder3-10um
KTP-30-GYGreen-Yellow 31℃Powder3-10um
KTP-30-VPPuple-Pink 31℃Powder3-10um
KT-31-RBF (BPA Free)Red 31℃Powder3-10um
KT-31-PBF (BPA Free)Rose Red 31℃Powder3-10um
KT-31-GBF (BPA Free)Green 31℃Powder3-10um
KT-31-TBF (BPA Free)Turkey Blue 31℃Powder3-10um
KT-31-YBF (BPA Free)Yellow 31℃Powder3-10um
KT-31-VBF (BPA Free)Violet 31℃Powder3-10um
KT-31-BBF (BPA Free)Blue 31℃Powder3-10um
KTP-31-VPF (BPA Free)Purple 31℃Powder3-10um
KTP-32-BY F(BPA Free)Yellow 32℃Powder3-10um

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