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Holographic Pigments

Holographic Pigments

Experience the enchantment of Holographic Pigments, as they diffuse light to mimic a shimmering spectrum of bright rainbows gliding across a silver liquid surface. When the vibrancy of rainbow hues, the solid aluminum core, and minuscule particle size unite in SpectraFlair pigments, the result is an irresistible, iridescent, liquid silver metallic guise.

Holographic pigments emerge as a distinctive material, a tapestry of ultra-thin, diffractive pigment embodied in minute flaky forms.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KT-HL001-535Holographic SilverPowder35μm
KT-HL001-705Holographic SilverPowder38μm
KT-HL001-815Holographic SilverPowder15μm
KT-HL001-825Holographic SilverPowder25μm
KT-HL001-835Holographic SilverPowder35μm

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