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Holo Colorshift Mirrors

Holo Colorshift Mirrors

Casting an enthralling holographic allure, these delicate powder pigments effortlessly transfigure into a hypnotic color shift, resulting in a mirror chrome sheen. Sculpted for refinement and novelty, Holo Colorshift Mirrors Pigments punctuate nail artistry with an elevated aesthetic.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KT-CH301Holo ColorshiftPowder10-60μm
KT-CH302Holo ColorshiftPowder10-60μm
KT-CH303Holo ColorshiftPowder10-60μm
KT-CH304Holo ColorshiftPowder10-60μm
KT-CH305Holo ColorshiftPowder10-60μm
KT-CH306Holo ColorshiftPowder10-60μm
KT-CH307Holo ColorshiftPowder10-60μm

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