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Synthetic Iridescent

Synthetic Iridescent

Synthetic Iridescent Series offer the same stunning colors as the Natural Iridescent Series, including platinum gold, red pearl, violet pearl, blue pearl, and green pearl. These pigments, however, are made from synthetic mica, which provides several advantages over natural mica, such as higher purity, fewer black spots, improved weather resistance, better luster and chroma, and greater stability at high temperatures.

With a thicker layer of titanium dioxide, the Synthetic Iridescent Series creates selective light interference, resulting in a striking dual-color effect. For optimal results, avoid using these pigments with complementary colored base materials to prevent dulling the effect. Instead, use matching colors to enhance the visual impact.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KT-7241Shimmer GoldPowder40-200μm
KT-7242Shimmer RedPowder40-200μm
KT-7243Shimmer VioletPowder40-200μm
KT-7244Shimmer BluePowder40-200μm
KT-7245Shimmer GreenPowder40-200μm
KT-7271Super GoldPowder200-700μm
KT-7272Super RedPowder200-700μm
KT-7273Super VioletPowder200-700μm
KT-7274Super BluePowder200-700μm
KT-7275Super GreenPowder200-700μm

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