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Natural Iridescent

Natural Iridescent

Kolortek's Natural Iridescent Series feature stunning colors such as platinum gold, red pearl, violet pearl, blue pearl, and green pearl. Similar in composition to the KT100 series, the KT200 series has a thicker layer of titanium dioxide, creating selective light interference. This results in a dual-color effect, where certain colors are intensified when viewed from specific angles while their complementary colors fade or disappear.

When applying these pigments with colored base materials, it is crucial to avoid complementary colors, as they can dull the effect. Instead, use matching color phases to enhance the visual impact and achieve optimal results.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KT-201Satin GoldPowder5-25μm
KT-221Satin BluePowder5-25μm
KT-231Satin GreenPowder5-25μm
KT-205Gold PearlPowder10-60μm
KT-215Red PearlPowder10-60μm
KT-219Violet PearlPowder10-60μm
KT-225Blue PearlPowder10-60μm
KT-235Green PearlPowder10-60μm
KT-249Flash GoldPowder10-100μm
KT-259Flash redPowder10-100μm

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