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6992000 series leverages base materials like natural mica, synthetic mica, titanium dioxide, tin dioxide, and Silica. Its color richness stems from an array of pigments including FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Red 40, Fe2O3, Carmine, FD&C Blue 1, and Iron Blue, among others.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
6992011Light YellowPowder10-60μm
6992012Bright YellowPowder10-60μm
6992021Gold RedPowder10-80μm
6992022Flash PinkPowder20-100μm
6992023Light RedPowder10-60μm
6992024Peach RedPowder10-60μm
6992025Glitter Peach RedPowder30-100μm
6992026Rose RedPowder10-60μm
6992027Dark RedPowder10-60μm
6992031Light PurplePowder10-60μm
6992033Dark VioletPowder10-60μm
6992041Grey BluePowder10-60μm
6992042Sea BluePowder10-60μm
6992043Bright BluePowder10-60μm
6992051Silver GreenPowder10-60μm
6992052Light GreenPowder10-60μm
6992054Dark GreenPowder10-60μm
6992055Olive GreenPowder10-60μm
6992071Orange RedPowder10-60μm
6992072Orange YellowPowder10-60μm
6992073Bright OrangePowder10-60μm
6992074Glitter Neon OrangePowder30-100μm
6992081Pastel BrownPowder10-60μm
6992082Coffee BrownPowder10-60μm
6992083Golden BrownPowder10-60μm
6992091Silver GreyPowder10-60μm
6992092Silver BlackPowder10-60μm
6992093Black PearlPowder10-60μm
6992094Satin Dark BlackPowder5-25μm

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