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Our premium Cosmetic Grade 68800000 series amalgamate main ingredients like Calcium-aluminum borosilicate, Titanium dioxide, Tin dioxide, integrated with our unique KT 8000 products. These, paired with a selection of Color Pigments such as Carmine, Iron Blue, Yellow 5, Red 28, Green 5 and more, produce an array of color varieties. The result is a collection of lustrous pearlescent pigments bathed in a shimmering diamond effect.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KT-68840241Balt BluePowder40-200μm
KT-68840242Magic BluePowder40-200μm
KT-68860311Sparkle YellowPowder60-300μm
KT-68860321Sparkle RedPowder60-300μm
KT-68860322Sparkle MauvePowder60-300μm
KT-68860331Sparkle PurplePowder60-300μm
KT-68860351Sparkle GreenPowder60-300μm
KT-68860371Sparkle OrangePowder60-300μm

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