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Application and operation of Glow in the dark Pigment Powders

March 29th, 2024

Kolortek’s new Glow powder is a luminous object with a special structure, used in transparent or translucent media, such as Glow paint, Glow ink and other Glow products. It has a strong light absorption effect, light storage and luminescence capabilities. The glow in the dark pigments does not require the support of a power supply. It automatically absorbs the light source. After 20 minutes of absorption, it can glow in the dark for more than 10 hours. There is no need for repeated use, and the luminous life is more than 15 years. Glow powder has significant advantages such as “energy saving, environmental protection, safety, maintenance-free, and wide application range”.

With people’s awareness of glow in the dark pigments, glow in the dark pigments is widely used in luminous signs, luminous glass, luminous ceramics, special luminous work clothes, and also used in clocks, toys, telephone buttons, field instruments, indicators, cameras, theater seat numbers , traffic signs, clothing printing, power switches, fire emergency escape system identification, some military equipment, transportation vehicles and other luminous products. Glow pigment powderhas short excitation time, long luminous time, high brightness and long life. It has good light resistance, aging resistance and chemical stability.

Neutral or weak transparent resin needs to be used and mixed. High-speed stirring is required to disperse the raw materials, and it is better to use glass or ceramic containers for storage. The storage time depends on the moisture content. It will absorb moisture in the air. Care should be taken to prevent moisture and avoid excessive moisture.

In order to reduce the precipitation of glow in the dark pigments, use high-viscosity resin or add anti-settling agent. Stir evenly before use. Use thinner to adjust the viscosity. Do not use heavy metal compounds as additives. The thickness of paint and ink is preferably not less than 100μm, and the best effect is achieved when the thickness is 130-150μm. (This thickness can be achieved by printing with 80 mesh silk screen two to three times. If it is specially used on the wall, it should be painted as required. Thick) The recommended dosage of glow in the dark pigments is 10%-70% of the total weight, and can be increased if necessary. The more used, the better the luminous effect. According to different printing requirements, choose different types of transparent inks. If you want to print on metal materials, you should choose metal-specific inks. If you want to print on PVC materials, you should choose PVC-specific inks. The higher the transparency, the better.

Kolortek provides yellow-green light, blue-green light, special sky blue light, white light, green light, pink light, pink light, yellow light, orange-red, orange and other colored glow in the dark pigments.

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