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Coatings Applications


Kolortek special effect pigments have been used in the coating industry for over 10 years by a variety of customers. All of our special effect pigments turn basic coatings into special, unique products. Special effect pigments are frequently used in automotive coatings, plastic coatings, dispersion paints, printing inks, floor coatings and artist paints. Kolortek special effect pigments can be applied under as well as over process colours and thus create an unlimited variety of special effects.

Kolortek offers guideline formulations for different type of coatings. Our laboratory can help you match colours upon request. Furthermore we offer our customers special package & Own Brand labeled.

Different from other organic pigments, ours are inorganic pigments. The particle size of piant pigments have significant influence on the final effect. Particle sizes up to approx. 25 micron create pearly effects with high covering. Larger particle sizes give bright to glittering effects and are more transparent.

Our coating pigment generally disperse well. They are stable in water and solvent based systems.

pigments in coatingsapplications
No. Usage Proportion(%)
1 Automobile Surface Paints 5-15
2 Refinished Paints 5-15
3 Bicycle Paints 5-12
4 Daily Electric Appliances Paints 4-10
5 Inner and Outer Wall Paints 10-20
6 Furnoture Lacquer 5-20
7 Metal Products Coating 5-20
8 Mobile Protection Coatings 5-10
9 Toy Paints 5-10
10 Coating Powders (Paper, Wallpaper) 1-5

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