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The use and application of copper gold powder

April 2nd, 2024

Copper gold powder has been widely used in decoration, screen printing, plastics, coatings, fabric printing, hot stamping materials, handicrafts and electroplating, wallpaper, powder metallurgy, conductive materials, thermal spray industry and other industries. Mix copper gold powder with gold-adjusting oil It is made into gold ink and is widely used in outer packaging such as cigarettes, bottles of wine, wall calendars and food boxes.

Copper-gold powder actually does not contain gold, and its main component is metallic copper. It obtains various hues due to doping with different proportions of zinc or tin, and is made through multiple processes such as smelting, ball milling, grading, and glazing. When added to powder coatings, it can produce a golden effect ranging from silky to thick. The copper-gold powder glows softly, has a friendly tone, and is simple and beautiful. The pigments with coarser particles can achieve a brilliant shining effect, and the pigments with finer particles can produce a soft, mercerized tone. Copper gold powder pigments can be mixed directly with varnish, and the addition ratio depends on the specific situation.

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