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Cosmetics Applications


As a factory, our portfolio of cosmetic ingredients comprises a wide range of cosmetic glitters, mica pigments, matte pigments and performance fillers.

With this broad range of high quality cosmetic colors and cosmetic fillers, Kolortek is the partner to the cosmetic industry in the areas of decorative cosmetics and personal care. Since more than 10 years Kolortek’s special effect pigments are being used by market leaders all over the world.

pigments in cosmetic applications
No. Usage Proportion(%)
1 Lipsticks, Lip Gloss 5-10
2 Eyeshadows 10-40
3 Blusher, CC cream, Foundation 2-10
4 Blusher Rouge 2-10
5 Makeup Powders 5-10
6 Eyebrow Pencils, Eyeshadow Pen 2-15
7 Vaniahing Cream, Face Cold Cream 2-5
8 Nail Polish, Nail UV/LED Polish Gel 2-20
9 Hair Spary, Shampoo, Perfume 0.1-10
10 Soap, Body Lotions, Body Cream 1-5

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