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The use and method of pearl powder in coatings

January 21st, 2022

Pearlescent pigments have a long history and a wide range of uses. Traditional pearlescent pigments include natural pearl pigments and synthetic lead and bismuth, which are toxic and have limited uses. With the advancement of science and technology, the new type of pearl powder is based on mica, flake quartz, flake alumina or flake glass powder, and its surface is coated with a layer of metal oxide with high refractive index.

Among many color-changing pigments, pearlescent pigments have super high appearance value. They are decorative pigments with pearl luster. They are used in transparent and translucent plastic resins. The use of pearlescent pigments will bring a fascinating color visual effect. Therefore, It is widely used in cosmetics, plastic industry, ink paper printing, screen printing, etc. Pearlescent pigments are used in the coatings industry to produce effects such as bicolor and flop that other ordinary pigments cannot achieve. For pearlescent pigments with flake structure, horizontal arrangement in the coating can prevent cracking, block UV rays, prevent moisture penetration and affect the mechanical strength of the coating.

Pearlescent powder is suitable for most coating systems. Pre-wet an appropriate amount of pearlescent pigment and then mix it in each transparent substrate and stir evenly to obtain pearlescent coating. Including oil-based, water-based, powder, UV curing, etc., such as automotive, motorcycle, train, bicycle and other vehicle coatings; indoor and outdoor decorative architectural coatings; mobile phones, household appliances, computers, packaging containers and other plastic substrate coatings; furniture, Decorations and other wooden substrate coatings; artificial leather, leather, textiles and other surface coatings; metal and non-metallic substrate industrial decorative coatings; home appliances, machinery and other powder coatings; body painting, oil painting and other art coatings.

The method of using pearlescent pigments in coatings is also relatively simple. When formulating inks, thickeners are added to prevent sedimentation or pre-wet the pigments, and then dispersed in the binder to avoid coagulation or sedimentation. Because mica-titanium pearlescent pigment has good dispersing ability, it creates superior conditions for ink manufacturing. It should be noted that the combination of pearlescent products with transparent dyes or pigments can obtain unique and beautiful color effects, but if used together with opaque pigments, it will reduce the luster of pearls. In low-viscosity ink medium, using low-speed stirring can obtain good dispersion effect, and at the same time, avoid using equipment such as three-roller, high-speed mixer or ball mill in other ink manufacturing, otherwise it will cause mica titanium pearlescent pigment particles to be broken and tarnished.

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