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Synthetic White

Synthetic White

Synthetic Silver White Series are made from synthetic mica coated with metallic oxides like titanium dioxide and iron oxide. These synthetic pigments offer several advantages over natural mica, including higher purity, fewer black spots, improved weather resistance, better luster and chroma, and greater stability at high temperatures.

Ideal for applications requiring superior quality and performance.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KT-7101Fine Satin WhitePowder<15μm
KT-7102Satin WhitePowder5-25μm
KT-7103Bright WhitePowder10-60μm
KT-7104Luster WhitePowder15-75μm
KT-7105Flash WhitePowder10-100μm
KT-7106Glitter WhitePowder30-150μm
KT-7107Sparkle WhitePowder40-300μm
KT-7108Ultra Sparkle WhitePowder50-350μm
KT-7109Intense Sparkle WhitePowder200-700μm
KT-7191Intense Sparkle WhitePowder100-1000μm
KT-7192Maxima WhitePowder200-1000μm
KT-7121Fine Satin SilverPowder<15μm
KT-7122Satin SilverPowder5-25μm
KT-7123Luster Satin SilverPowder10-40μm
KT-7124Silk SilverPowder10-50μm
KT-7125Bright SilverPowder10-60μm
KT-7126Flash SilverPowder20-100μm
KT-7127Glitter SilverPowder30-100μm
KT-7128Glitter SilverPowder30-150μm

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