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Natural Metal Luster

Natural Metal Luster

Explore Kolortek's Pearlescent Mica Powder Pigments in the Natural Metal Luster Series, featuring a warm metallic luster created from mica flakes coated with ferric oxide. Our KT500 series offers strong concealing properties and exceptional chemical and physical stability. These pigments are renowned for their metallic effects and are often used as metallic pigments in various applications.

By controlling the thickness of the iron oxide coat, a range of vibrant colors can be achieved, making them versatile and ideal for a wide array of projects.

Product ImageCodeColorFormParticle SizeMSDSTDS
KT-520Satin BronzePowder5-25μm
KT-522Satin Red BrownPowder5-25μm
KT-524Satin Wine RedPowder5-25μm
KT-525Satin MauvePowder5-25μm
KT-526Satin CoffeePowder5-25μm
KT-502Red BrownPowder10-60μm
KT-504Wine RedPowder10-60μm
KT-508Red PearlPowder10-60μm
KT-509Green BrownPowder10-60μm
KT-530Flash BronzePowder10-100μm
KT-532Flash Red BrownPowder10-100μm
KT-534Flash Wine RedPowder10-100μm
KT-535Flash MauvePowder10-100μm

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