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Multicolor Series

Based on KT100 products, KT6000 is produced by directly depositing light absorbing material to form the pigment. Silver light can be seen from the reflection angle and the absorbing colours can be views from side/dispersion angles.

KT-6214 Heat Resistant Mica Based Pigments Wholesale
KT-6312 REACH Compliant China Pearlescent Pigment
KT-6411 Wholesale FDA Approved Mica Pigments
KT-6412 Paints Pearlescent Pigment Supplier
KT-6414 Pearl Pigment Powder for Inks
KT-6415 Pearl Pigment Powder for Coatings
KT-6511 Wholesale Mica Powder for Rubber
KT-6512 Pearlescent Effect Mica Pigment Wholesale
KT-6513 Easy to Blend Metallic Pigment Powder Supplier
Kt-6514 Wholesale Mica Powder For Candles
Kt-6515 China Mica Powder For Resin
Kt-6711 Satin Orange Yellow Mica Powder Wholesale
KT-6811 Bronze Brown Mica Pigment Wholesale

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